Liz Truss:把更多的錢還給最富有的人是公平的

Liz Truss:把更多的錢還給最富有的人是公平的



特拉斯女士說,她希望從其他方面來判斷這些舉措是否合適--比如它們是否促進增長、投資和就業。在這一具體案例中,NI的上漲也打破了宣言中的承諾,這是她判斷扭轉它的另一個原因,即 "公平"。


"Of course, there are some people who don't pay tax at all," she told the BBC. "But to look at everything through the lens of redistribution I believe is wrong because what I'm about is about growing the economy and growing the economy benefits everybody."

Liz Truss unapologetically embraced the message that her planned flagship National Insurance cut would benefit the richest to the tune of £1,000 or more, and the poorest barely. The answer we have become used to on such issues would be that this is only one part of a wider package.

Ms Truss says she wants to judge the appropriateness of such moves in other ways - such as whether they promote growth, investment and jobs. In this specific case, the NI rise also broke a manifesto pledge, which is another reason she judges it as "fair" to reverse it.

Her supporters will argue her energy plan will come first, this week, before the wider economic plan including NI. But if her energy plan comes up short for some average households, she will be under pressure to explain why she is effectively keeping back tens of billions for lower NI and cancelling a corporation tax rise.