她說:"如果他們要提供輔助服務,感覺就不像是人們樂意繼續付費的高級服務,"她補充說,用廣告堵塞節目和電影會使Netflix成為 "另一個YouTube"。

但Simon Kucher諮詢公司最近的一項全球調查發現,超過三分之一的流媒體客戶可能會在未來12個月內取消訂閱,尤其是在中國、印度和美國等市場。

Kantar World Panel的全球消費者洞察力總監Dominic Sunnebo說,隨着人們對生活成本的擔憂上升,有廣告的Netflix有機會幫助它留住觀眾,該公司發現,對於英國的許多家庭來說,退出Netflix意味着完全放棄流媒體。




"If they are going to be offering aids, it feels like less of a premium service that people will be happy to continue paying for," she said, adding that clogging shows and movies up with commercials would make Netflix "just another YouTube".

But a recent global survey by the Simon Kucher consultancy found that more than a third of streaming customers were likely to cancel a subscription with the next 12 months, especially in markets such as China, India and the US.

With concerns about the cost of living rising, Netflix with ads has a chance of helping it hold on to its audience, said Dominic Sunnebo, global consumer insight director at Kantar World Panel, which has found that for many of the households in the UK, quitting Netflix means dropping out of streaming altogether.

But analysts at Enders Analysis said they did not think many of the company's current viewers would find the savings worth switching for, nor was it likely to draw in large numbers of new subscribers.

"This goes against Netflix's (extremely) effective conditioning of its subscription base to see advertising as the ultimate annoyance and expect nothing less than the cleanest and least intrusive video viewing experience possible—a strategy that has worked to the expense of every other competing and trailing service."

Many of Netflix's competitors already combine streaming with adverts or have plans to. Disney, for example, is due to roll out an advert supported service in December in the US. That plan will start at $7.99 a month.