FTX。法院稱山姆-班克曼-弗里德將FTX作為 "個人領地 "管理

FTX。法院稱山姆-班克曼-弗里德將FTX作為 "個人領地 "管理

直到現在,我們才意識到 "皇帝沒有衣服",詹姆斯-布羅姆利律師說,他把這種情況描述為 "美國公司歷史上最突然和最困難的崩潰之一"。







Only now do we realise that "the emperor had no clothes," attorney James Bromley said, describing the situation as "one of most abrupt and difficult collapses in the history of corporate America."

FTX was a cryptocurrency exchange allowing people to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocoins in exchange for traditional money. Many customers used their FTX digital wallets like bank accounts, expecting their funds to be safe.

The court was shown a timeline of how it became the second-largest cryptocurrency exchange before collapsing in just eight days once details about the company's lack of financial stability were leaked online.

More than one million investors had cryptocurrency stored on the FTX exchange and are owed money, which they may not get back.

It's not known how much money FTX retained after the collapse but lawyers say that at least some of the firm's cryptocurrency assets have apparently been stolen by hackers.

"We are under constant cyber-attack and we are trying to defend against these attacks," Mr Bromley said.

During a court recess some participants spoke about how they had lost money in the FTX collapse, with one saying they lost their life savings.