這位牙買加裔英國女演員因在1994年至1997年期間在該肥皂劇中扮演族長Blossom Jackson而聞名,並在2010年短暫地重新扮演了她的角色。

哈蒙德還於1986年在克羅伊登共同創立了開創性的塔拉瓦劇團,以幫助解決 "黑人演員缺乏創作機會和黑人在文化進程中被邊緣化的問題"。




The Jamaican-British actress was best known for playing the matriarch Blossom Jackson on the soap from 1994 to 1997, briefly reprising her role in 2010.

Hammond also co-founded the groundbreaking Talawa Theatre Company in Croydon in 1986 to help address the "lack of creative opportunities for black actors and the marginalisation of black peoples from cultural processes".

"As one of the founders of Talawa, a trailblazer and champion of Black British theatre, Mona's passion and vision will remain fundamental to all we do, and her legacy will forever burn bright," it read.

The character came to east London from Tobago as a young child. Her first marriage to Nathan ended after he left her, and she spent much of her later life living with common-law husband, Bill, until his death 1993.

After leaving the soap in 1997, Hammond's Blossom returned with her on-screen grandson Alan Jackson for several episodes in 2010, in connection with the funeral of her great-grandson Billie.