經過公眾投票,歌手艾麗西亞-凱斯(Alicia Keys)被授予年度名人盟友的稱號。盟友獎授予通過其工作照亮和支持LGBT問題的公眾人物。




"I understand the importance of standing up being proud, not apologising for who you are and just being that person really, that we all needed when we were younger.

In May, Ms Roberts and her stoma - which she has named Audrey - featured on the front cover of Women's Health magazine, as a way to break down the stigma surrounding her diagnosis.

Singer Alicia Keys was honoured as celebrity ally of the year after a public vote. The ally award goes to a public figure who, through their work, has shone a light on and supported LGBT issues.

She said: "I know the powerful LGBTQI+ community has a lot to fight for, stand up to and care about, so just like all of you here tonight, I am here with you to keep showing up, representing and reminding each other we are not alone.

"Of course we've come a long way but there's so much more to do and there's so much more that has to happen, but that's why ceremonies like this are so important."

"It was about the community that came before us who paved away and those that will carry the torch forward."