Stagecoach West希望招募烏克蘭公交司機

Stagecoach West希望招募烏克蘭公交司機

該活動於格林尼治標準時間周三10:00至14:00之間在Stagecoach West的布里斯托爾車廠舉行,與就業和養老金部(DWP)合作。






Stagecoach West的總經理Rachel Geliamassi說。"我們很高興成為這項倡議的一部分,它不僅支持烏克蘭人,而且很可能幫助我們找到一些急需的團隊成員。

Stagecoach West公司為司機提供工作日每小時13.75英鎊的工作,周六上升到每小時14英鎊,周日15.70英鎊,保證每周至少38小時。


The event is being held at Stagecoach West's Bristol depot on Wednesday between 10:00 and 14:00 GMT in partnership with the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP).

Applicants must have been assessed by the DWP as having a driver's licence and a good level of spoken and written English.

Dan Norris, Mayor of the West of England, will be at the event at the Stagecoach depot in Little Stoke.

He said: "I've always said we need innovative ideas if we're going to fix the number one challenge for buses right now - the severe bus driver shortage.

"I've launched a big bus driver recruitment campaign as I'm determined to get more bus drivers trained up to help fix the cancellations and delays so people get a bus service they need and deserve.

"I hope Ukrainian drivers can be part of the solution and that while they are staying here, they enjoy a rewarding career."

Rachel Geliamassi, managing director of Stagecoach West, said: "We're delighted to be a part of this initiative which not only supports Ukrainians but could very well help us find some much-needed team members.

Stagecoach West offers drivers £13.75 per hour for weekday shifts, rising to £14 per hours on Saturdays and £15.70 on Sundays, with a guaranteed minimum of 38 hours a week.

They can also earn extra money through overtime shifts, the company said, as well as perks such as free bus travel for themselves, a partner and up to two children.