Rikki Neave謀殺案。詹姆斯-沃森因殺害彼得堡男孩被判15年監禁

Rikki Neave謀殺案。詹姆斯-沃森因殺害彼得堡男孩被判15年監禁

Rikki Neave被謀殺時只有六歲,他的屍體在他位於韋蘭莊園的家附近被發現。





法官麥高恩(Mrs Justice McGowan)此前表示,最低刑期將反映出沃森在殺害里基時還是個孩子。

他是第二個因謀殺Rikki而受審的人,此前,男孩的母親Ruth Neave於1996年被陪審團證明無罪。

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Rikki Neave was just six years old when he was murdered and his body found near his home on the Welland estate

The killer of a six-year-old schoolboy who evaded justice for nearly three decades has been jailed for a minimum of 15 years.

Rikki Neave's naked body was found deliberately posed in a star shape near his Peterborough home the day after he disappeared in November 1994.

He had been strangled and, in April this year, James Watson, now 41 but 13 at the time, was convicted of murder.

At the Old Bailey, Watson was given a life sentence.

The judge, Mrs Justice McGowan, previously stated the minimum term in prison would reflect that Watson was a child when he killed Rikki.

He was the second person to stand trial for Rikki's murder, after the boy's mother Ruth Neave was cleared by a jury in 1996.

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