Clacton Pride是我們可以成為我們自己的地方

Clacton Pride是我們可以成為我們自己的地方


她直到近30歲時才 "出櫃",因為她在以前的工作場所受到了欺負。


他說,克萊克頓正在變得 "更加接受同性戀者",他希望這次活動能幫助更多的人接受差異。





Pride globally is marking its 50th anniversary and was set up following the Stonewall Inn riots and protests for gay rights in the USA in 1969.

She did not "come out" until she was nearly 30, after being bullied at a former workplace.

"Pride is where we can be who we are, in a place where we should feel safe, when it's not a safe place to be in a lot of areas," she said.

He said Clacton was becoming "more accepting of queer folk", and he hoped the event would help more people accept difference.

"I come down in a dress sometimes, if it's a nice day, and nobody says anything to me."

Gray Adams-Hall, 24, said the experience of being transgender has come a long way since they were at school, "when Section 28 was still a thing which meant my teachers couldn't tell me it was okay to be queer".

They said they still regularly face homophobic abuse, in the form of name calling, but does not bother reporting it, "as nothing will be done".

They said the fact "as a trans I would still be able to be offered conversion therapy despite a (government) ban for others" means the fight for equal rights continues.