然而,該委員會表示,它的諮詢 "獲得了有史以來最高水平的回應",贊成保持學校的開放。



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However, the council said its consultation had "garnered the highest level of responses ever" in favour of keeping the school open.

The closure was considered by Leeds City Council because of a falling birth rate in the area and an excess of places at nearby schools.

The executive member for education added: "After reading all contributions to the consultation, it was only right to listen to that strength of feeling."

We've only gone and done it... WE HAVE SAVED OUR SCHOOL!!! — Queensway PS (@QueenswayPS) November 22, 2022 The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. View original tweet on Twitter

An academy order was recently placed on the school by the government but the council would ask this to be removed "to allow your school to continue on your improvement journey", Mr Pryor said.

"Whilst all the underlying issues and challenges remain, the weight of opposition to the closure within the consultation has led to the decision, not just to pause the closure, but to cancel it altogether," Mr Sobel said.

"I would like to commend the parents, teachers, and members of the community for the campaign and for the way they have managed this challenging process."