The Wash: 20億英鎊的擋潮閘計劃,包括道路和港口,已經公布。

The Wash: 20億英鎊的擋潮閘計劃,包括道路和港口,已經公布。

根據這些建議,該公司說它想在水下建造一個 "水電大壩 "和大約15個潮汐渦輪機,以產生足夠的能源為60萬個家庭供電。

中心港說,它計劃建立 "世界上第一個以潮汐能源為動力的深海集裝箱碼頭",該碼頭每年可處理多達400萬個集裝箱。


中心港口控股公司的首席執行官James Sutcliffe說,它想利用The Wash的 "780平方公里的潮汐區進行可再生能源生產",並為年輕人創造就業機會。


然而,林肯郡野生動物信託基金的Tammy Smalley說,該計劃將阻止一些動物,如海豹,在海岸線上覓食。


RSPB的Steve Rowland補充說:"這是不需要的,這絕對是愚蠢的。已經有一個水洗海岸線管理計劃來保護水洗行業的人們。"


Under the proposals, the company said it wanted to build a "hydro-electric dam" and about 15 tidal turbines under the water to produce enough energy to power 600,000 homes.

Centre Port said it planned to create the "world's first tidal energy-powered deep sea container terminal", which would have the capacity to handle up to four million containers annually.

The project would act as a flood defence scheme for communities in Norfolk, the Fens and parts of Lincolnshire, protecting against land-side flooding and tidal surges, the company said.

James Sutcliffe, chief executive officer of Centre Port Holdings, said it wanted to utilise The Wash's "tidal area of 780sq km for renewable energy production" and create job opportunities for young people.

He added: "Because we can shut down the turbines, which have sluice gates in them, we can then stop surge tide coming through from the North Sea, like it did in 1953 and 2013, and stop it damaging the countryside and preserving The Wash as it is today."

However, Tammy Smalley, from Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust, said the scheme would prevent some animals, such as seals, from feeding off the coastline.

"You'll lose habitats that also sequester - capture carbon - like salt marsh. They're more effective at capturing carbon than trees. So it's a wholesale change for wildlife that's highly unlikely to survive."

Steve Rowland, from the RSPB, added: "It's just not needed and it's absolutely bonkers. There's already a Wash shoreline management plan to protect the people in the industries of The Wash."

A planning application for the tidal barrier scheme is yet to be submitted, but a Centre Port Holdings spokesperson said they hoped the project would be operational by 2028 at the earliest, if approved.