NH說,這些維修意味着 "在未來25年內不需要進行任何重大的工作"



一位代表說,維修期間使用的施工技術 "消除了支撐橋面的需要......而是採取了謹慎的分階段施工方式,確保橋樑在整個過程中保持安全"。


他們補充說,大橋及其周圍地區將於11月25日完全重新開放,在默西河東岸的人行道和自行車道重新開放的四天後,維修意味着 "在未來25年內不需要進行任何重大工程"。


他說,由於提前完成,NH還 "設法降低了維修成本"。


NH said the repairs meant there would be no need for "any significant work in the next 25 years"

A £13m scheme to repair 15 bridge piers under the one of the busiest motorways in the North West of England has been completed 11 months ahead of schedule.

Work on Manchester's Palatine Road bridge, which carries M60 traffic over the River Mersey, began in 2019 and was due to be completed in October 2023.

A representative said the construction technique used during the repairs "removed the need for propping the bridge deck... and instead adopted a carefully phased way of working, ensuring the bridge remained safe throughout".

They said that due to the nature of the repairs, the "majority of the scheme was completed away from the network and beneath the bridge with minimal to no traffic management involved".

They added that the bridge and the area around it would fully reopen on 25 November, four days after the reopening of the footpath and cycleway on the eastern bank of the River Mersey, and the repairs meant there would be no need for "any significant work in the next 25 years".

Bruce Parker, NH's head of planning and development in the North West, said finishing the scheme "almost a year early shows our commitment to finding the best approaches to carry out our projects".

He said in completing early, NH had also "managed to keep the cost of the repairs down".

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