Awaab Ishak:房屋老闆對黴菌死亡的假設感到抱歉

Awaab Ishak:房屋老闆對黴菌死亡的假設感到抱歉

這家人說,他們 "毫不懷疑我們受到這樣的待遇,因為我們不是這個國家的人,不太了解英國的制度如何運作"。



RBH表示,他們將 "大大加快 "對其投資組合中的房屋的檢查,並將 "立即採取行動 "以消除潮濕和黴菌。


RBH還表示,在解僱Gareth Swarbrick後,將儘快引進一位經驗豐富的外部臨時首席執行官。

2008年被任命的Swarbrick先生最初為該組織對黴菌的反應表示道歉,但拒絕了辭職的要求,說他有董事會的 "全力支持"。

Awaab的審訊於上周結束,聽說他的父親Faisal Abdullah--2016年從蘇丹來到英國,一年後他的妻子Aisha Amin加入--在2017年向RBH報告了他們公寓裡的黴菌,並被告知要在上面刷漆。



The family said they had "no doubt at all that we were treated this way because we are not from this country and less aware of how the systems in the UK work".

In a series of tweets posted on Tuesday, the association said: "We did make assumptions about lifestyle and we accept that we got that wrong.

"We abhor racism in any shape or form and we know that we have a responsibility to all our communities."

RBH said they would "significantly accelerate" inspection of the homes in their portfolio and would "take immediate action" to get rid of damp and mould.

"We know our words will not take away the pain felt by his family, nor will they immediately heal the hurt and the strength of feeling which is justifiably being felt in Rochdale and across the country."

RBH also said an experienced interim external chief executive would be brought in as soon as possible, following the sacking of Gareth Swarbrick.

Mr Swarbrick, who was appointed in 2008, initially apologised for the organisation's response over the mould but rejected calls to quit his job, saying he had the board's "full backing".

Awaab's inquest, which concluded last week, heard his father Faisal Abdullah - who came from Sudan to the UK in 2016 and was joined by his wife Aisha Amin a year later - reported mould in their flat to RBH in 2017 and was told to paint over it.

In June 2020, the family contacted solicitors and initiated a claim over the recurring mould issue, but policy meant any repairs would not be done until an agreement had been reached.

The inquest heard Awaab had consistently suffered from cold and respiratory issues. He died after being rushed to hospital with shortness of breath in December that year.