Awaab Ishak:羅奇代爾住房協會失去了100萬英鎊的額外資金

Awaab Ishak:羅奇代爾住房協會失去了100萬英鎊的額外資金

戈夫先生說,社會住房業主將不會收到 "一分錢的額外納稅人的新住房資金,直到它得到它的行動和對租戶的權利"。





Mr Gove said the social housing landlord would not receive "a penny of additional taxpayers' money for new housing until it gets its act together and does right by tenants".

The announcement means RBH will not receive an expected additional £1m from the Affordable Homes Programme or any new contracts from the scheme for new homes until the social housing regulator had concluded its investigation.

An RBH spokesman said: "We are looking forward to our conversation with Michael Gove to look at how we can work together to improve the quality of homes in Rochdale.

"We have been engaging with the regulator on a regular basis to update them on the changes we have put in place around damp and mould."

"We understand all the issues that have been presented to us as a result of the coroner's verdict and we have a plan in place which we are implementing to ensure that everyone living in an RBH home will have a safe and good quality home," he added.