Lexi McDavid:對被貨車撞死的12歲女孩表示哀悼

Lexi McDavid:對被貨車撞死的12歲女孩表示哀悼

數百人參加了為一名12歲女孩舉行的 "感性而美麗 "的守夜活動,該女孩在下車時被一輛貨車撞死。

來自Huyton的Lexi McDavid於6月7日在利物浦的Princess Drive被一輛白色奔馳車撞倒。

洛伊斯-麥克戴維說她會 "永遠懷念 "她的雙胞胎妹妹,她給她的妹妹起了個綽號叫 "小Jammy Dodger"。

在海頓村組織守夜活動的安東尼-古迪(Anthony Goudie)說,這是 "一個慶祝她的生命的令人驚訝的聚會"。



守夜儀式結束時,她的朋友們上台演唱了她最喜歡的歌曲 - Little Mix的Black Magic。

他補充說,這是 "情緒化的",但 "是對她生命的美麗慶祝"。


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Hundreds of people have attended an "emotional but beautiful" vigil for a 12-year-old girl who died when she was hit by a van as she got off a bus.

Lexi McDavid, from Huyton, was struck by a white Mercedes on Princess Drive in Liverpool on 7 June.

Lois McDavid said she would "always miss" her twin sister, who she gave the nickname of "little Jammy Dodger".

Anthony Goudie, who organised the vigil in Huyton Village, said it was "an amazing turnout to celebrate her life".

Some people wore bracelets with Lexi's name on and had their face painted with rainbows in her honour.

A minute's applause was held before her aunty Kim Murphy and Lois paid tribute to Lexi.

The vigil ended with her friends getting up on stage to sing her favourite song - Little Mix's Black Magic.

It was "emotional" but "a beautiful celebration of her life", he added.

All money raised from the vigil will go to Lexi's family, he added.

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