Acorn Bioenergy:公司計劃在威特尼建立沼氣廠

Acorn Bioenergy:公司計劃在威特尼建立沼氣廠




它說它想 "釋放生物甲烷生產的全部潛力"。



Acorn生物能源公司表示,這是一個理想的地點,因為它將靠近能夠 "提供高質量農業廢物 "的農場,並將 "對鄰居的視覺影響最小"。

該公司表示,其在South Leigh村委會的活動將 "讓居民和更廣泛的社區有機會查看這些建議"。


The company says the plant could create enough biogas to heat about 7,000 homes

A plant that would use agricultural waste to create enough biogas to heat about 7,000 homes could be built in Oxfordshire.

Acorn Bioenergy has written to Witney residents informing them of its plan to build a facility on land east of the town, adjacent to the A40.

It said it wants to "unlock the full potential of biomethane production".

It has yet to submit a planning application but will hold a public event for residents on 29 November.

The development would be built on agricultural land north of South Leigh Road and south of the A40, about 0.7 miles (1.2km) from Witney.

Acorn Bioenergy said it is an ideal location because it would be close to farms that can "provide high quality agricultural waste" and would have "minimal visual impact on neighbours".

The company said its event at South Leigh Village Hall will "give residents and the wider community an opportunity to view the proposals".

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