"People used to come and hear their favourite organists play the tunes of the day and have a sing-along. But after 1960 that died out completely."

"While you can go and listen to these organs in people's homes or museums, the actual thrill of going to a proper cinema and walking through the doors and hearing the organ play and come up on the lift and change colour, with the illuminated console is a very limited and special opportunity."

Organists John Mann and Keith Beckingham have been entertaining audiences all over the world for more than 60 years and will be putting the organ through its paces on Sunday.

"They are both retired, but we asked them to come back as they have that final link with the old days, when organs were still a part of the general programme."

"Fortunately due to holiday makers and seasonality and where the cinema is in town, it has remained a viable cinema, so we are enormously grateful to Odeon for keeping the place going, having the organ in there and allowing us to come and play," Mr Pilcher said.

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