Ipswich Cardinal Lofts的居民在1月前都無法獲得住房

Ipswich Cardinal Lofts的居民在1月前都無法獲得住房


在Foundry Lane的公寓裡住了14年的Vivak Sharma說,被趕出公寓是一件 "巨大的、令人心碎的事情"。


他說,這對他的租戶來說是一個 "痛苦 "的時刻,他們起初被重新安置在伊普斯維奇東部的甘斯伯勒體育館,然後被安置在一家經濟型酒店。



這家由鐵路工人的養老基金Railpen擁有的公司說,它已經 "迅速 "安排了臨時住所,居民起初可以選擇酒店或公寓,那些被要求離開家的人現在已經得到了服務式公寓。


在2017年格倫費爾大廈火災之後,2020年10月的一項評估稱,伊普斯維奇海濱大廈外部的 "可燃材料""為火災的蔓延提供了一條路線"。

薩福克消防和救援服務說,11月15日發出的新報告強調了 "該建築上部的問題,這意味着它目前不適合居住"。

Residents forced to leave their homes due to fire-risk at their tower block have been told they may not be able to return until the new year.

Vivak Sharma, who has lived in the flats on Foundry Lane for 14 years, said it was a "big, heart-wrenching thing to be thrown out of your apartment".

He lives with his wife and their five-year-old son, and his three other children were due to return at Christmas.

He said it was a "distressing" time for his tenants, who were at first relocated to Gainsborough Sports Hall in east Ipswich, and then put into a budget hotel.

"While we await the outcome of the assessments and continue to try to get you back into your home as quickly as possible, being mindful of the busy time of the year, we have also taken the precautionary decision to extend the provision of alternative accommodation until January 2023," it said.

"While we hope things will not take this long, we don't want to have to ask you to move again in the meantime."

The company, which is owned by Railpen, the pension fund for railways workers, said it had "quickly" arranged temporary accommodation and residents were at first given a choice of hotel or apartment, and those asked to leave their homes had now been provided with serviced apartments.

"We continue to follow the advice of the fire and rescue service and are communicating regularly with them throughout this process.

Following the Grenfell Tower fire in 2017, an assessment in October 2020 said "combustible materials" on the outside of the Ipswich Waterfront building "provide a route for fire to spread".

Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service said the new report, sent on 15 November, highlighted "issues in the upper part of the building that means it is currently unsafe for occupation".