它補充說,已經對 "居民護理和用藥過程 "進行了審查,並安裝了一台新的洗衣機。


CQC的檢查負責人Alison Chilton說。"該院的兩台洗衣機都壞了,導致了大量髒衣服的堆積。衣服的數量和儲存方式增加了傳染給人們和工作人員的風險。


檢查員發現,在該院的28名機構工作人員中,有19人沒有進行適當的檢查,藥品的管理和記錄存在不準確和遺漏,保障系統不夠 "健全",無法確保人們免受虐待的風險。

調查發現,居民的溝通需求得到了支持,臨終關懷計劃已經到位,訪客得到了支持,可以看到他們在院內的親屬,一些人告訴檢查員工作人員有 "關愛的態度"。

A spokesperson for Four Seasons, which runs the home, said the "safety and wellbeing of residents remains our first priority" and that it regretted falling below expected standards.

It added a review of "resident care and medication processes" had been carried out and that a new washing machine had been installed.

The CQC found "the standard of care had deteriorated" since its last inspection and has placed it in special measures for improvements to be carried out.

CQC head of inspection Alison Chilton said: "Both of the home's washing machines had broken which had resulted in a large build-up of soiled laundry. The quantity and how it was stored increased the risk of infections being passed on to people and staff.

"Additionally, this resulted in some people not having enough clean clothes and having to wear other people's. Also, staff told us they weren't always able to change bedding as often due to the shortage of clean sheets, so people were living with dirty bed sheets which is totally unacceptable."

Inspectors found appropriate checks were not carried out on 19 out of 28 agency workers at the home, there were inaccuracies and omissions with the administration and recording of medicines, and safeguarding systems were not "robust enough" to ensure people were protected from the risk of abuse.

It did find residents were supported with communication needs, end-of-life care plans were in place and visitors were supported to see their relatives in the home, with some telling inspectors staff had "caring attitudes".