蘇格蘭的報紙:"英國陷入衰退 "和 "最大的減稅"。

蘇格蘭的報紙:"英國陷入衰退 "和 "最大的減稅"。

大多數的頭版都集中在英國面臨的困難的經濟前景。The i報道說,英格蘭銀行已經警告財政大臣Kwasi Kwarteng,國家已經處於衰退之中,利率上升到2.25%意味着數百萬人的抵押貸款支付額將大幅上升。首相Liz Truss和Kwarteng先生正面臨壓力,要求他們在周五的小型預算中防止出現 "深度衰退"。

在 "追求增長!"的標題下,《蘇格蘭每日快報》也報道了它所謂的 "幾十年來最大的減稅"。該報稱,自瑪格麗特-撒切爾夫人以來,稅收沒有被削減這麼多,並指出夸滕先生在下議院宣布這些措施時,將 "預示着英國的一個新時代"。


Nicola Sturgeon和Humza Yousaf被告知要 "做好你們的工作",因為有一個病人在蘇格蘭的急診室里忍受了84小時的治療等待。第一部長告訴MSP,如此長的等待是 "不可接受的",但也是 "特殊的",衛生部長正在推動改善急診室的表現的措施,她承認這 "不夠好"。

國家報》報道說,蘇格蘭憲法秘書安格斯-羅伯遜已經寫信給保守黨高級部長雅各布-里斯-莫格,概述了他對蘇格蘭政府 "根本反對 "一項全英國的法案的擔憂,該法案將意味着歐盟法律在英國的終結。英國政府周四提出了《保留歐盟法律(改革和撤銷)法案》,該法案將把大多數歐洲法律的日落條款納入法律,從2023年底開始生效。


愛丁堡晚報》報道說,一位理療師和一位在本尼維斯山倒下後被她救起的男子,在兩年後終於回來一起登頂了。63歲的特雷弗-博特伍德於2020年8月在英國最高的山峰上遭遇心臟驟停,他說他決定與考特尼-弗格森一起登山,以 "平息這一事件"。




The majority of front pages focus on the difficult economic outlook facing the UK. The i reports the Bank of England has warned Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng the country is already in recession and the increase in interest rates to 2.25% means millions are facing a significant rise in their mortgage payments. Prime Minister Liz Truss and Mr Kwarteng are under pressure to prevent a "deep recession" with their mini-budget on Friday.

Under the headline "Go for growth!", the Scottish Daily Express also reports on what it calls the "biggest tax cuts in decades". The paper says not since Margaret Thatcher will taxes have been slashed this much and notes Mr Kwarteng will "herald a new era for Britain" when announcing them in the House of Commons.

The Herald reports more than 200,000 homeowners will have seen their mortgage payments rise by more than £1,000 a year in the space of nine months after the latest interest rate rise. The Bank of England's announcement of a 0.5% rise in the base rate is the seventh time in a row that it has raised rates in an attempt to get control over rising prices.

Nicola Sturgeon and Humza Yousaf have been told to "do your job" after it emerged one patient endured an 84-hour wait for treatment in a Scottish A&E. The first minister told MSPs a wait that long was "unacceptable" but also "exceptional", and that the health secretary was driving measures to improve performance in A&E units, which she admitted was "not good enough".

The National reports that Scottish constitution secretary Angus Robertson has written to senior Tory minister Jacob Rees-Mogg to outline his concerns that the Scottish government has a "fundamental opposition" to a UK-wide bill that would spell the end of EU laws in the UK. The Retained EU Law (Reform and Revocation) Bill was introduced by the UK government on Thursday, and would pass into law a sunset clause for the majority of European law that would take effect from the end of 2023.

The Glasgow Times leads with an exclusive interview with MSP John Mason on the abortion row which caused him to be disciplined by the SNP. In the interview, he outlined his position on abortion, buffer zones, party control and why he feels the need to speak his mind, even when it gets him in bother.

The Edinburgh Evening News reports that a physiotherapist and the man whose life she saved after he collapsed on Ben Nevis have returned to finally make it to the summit together two years on. Trevor Botwood, 63, who suffered a cardiac arrest on Britain's highest mountain in August 2020, said he decided to make the climb with Courtney Ferguson to "put the incident to bed".

Scotland has the lowest life expectancy in the UK, reports the Daily Record. The paper says life expectancy in Scotland has dropped for a second year running with experts blaming the coronavirus pandemic and poverty. New figures have found that babies born over the period 2019 to 2021 will have a life expectancy of 76.6 years for men, and 80.8 years for women.

The Press and Journal says workers with decades of service at the historic Stoneywood papermill in Aberdeen have been reduced to tears after it was plunged into administration once again. The paper says nearly 400 jobs were axed with immediate effect on Thursday night, with fears more could go in the coming days.

Some pubs, restaurants, and cafes in Dundee permitted to set up outside seating during the pandemic could soon be told to pack up the tables and chairs, according to the Evening Telegraph. The paper says temporary permissions for outside seating will expire at the end of September with all venues required to reapply under stricter rules.