V Sivankutty: 喀拉拉邦部長被要求減掉肚子後,印度就脂肪羞辱問題展開辯論

V Sivankutty: 喀拉拉邦部長被要求減掉肚子後,印度就脂肪羞辱問題展開辯論

她說,脂肪羞辱很猖獗,因為 "大多數印度人對界限沒有概念,在我們的家庭中,每個人都在評論其他人的外表",儘管它是 "不分性別的",但它對女性的影響更大,"因為判斷一個女人的依據是她的婚姻狀況如何,一個胖女人會在圖騰柱上跌落很多。

她告訴我,有一次,一個售貨員在商店裡找到她,問 "我是否嘗試過任何減肥產品",或者當一個坐在美食廣場鄰桌的女人告訴她的女兒 "不要再吃餅乾了,否則她也會變得像我一樣",或者約會軟件上的男人建議一起健身,因為 "一旦你變瘦了,你會看起來非常漂亮"。


Fat shaming, she says, is rampant because "most Indians have no idea about boundaries and in our families everyone comments on everyone else's appearance" and although it's "gender agnostic", it affects women more "since a woman is judged on the basis of how marriageable she is and a fat woman will fall way down on the totem pole".

She tells me about the time when a salesman approached her in a store and asked "if I'd tried any product for weight loss" or when a woman sitting at the next table in a food court told her daughter to "stop eating cookies otherwise she will also become like me" or men on dating apps who suggested working out together because "you'd look really pretty once you're thinner".

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