Condor包租MV Arrow以幫助緩解聖誕節前的需求

Condor包租MV Arrow以幫助緩解聖誕節前的需求


該公司表示,MV Arrow貨運船也將幫助其在一段時間的暴風雨天氣後趕上需求。



"我們知道聖誕節和新年有多重要--不僅對乘客,而且對我們的貨運客戶,他們是我們保持島嶼聯繫和供應的重要夥伴,"Condor老闆John Napton說。




Channel Islands ferry operator Condor has chartered an additional vessel to help increase freight capacity ahead of Christmas.

The company said the MV Arrow freight ship would also help it catch up on demand after a period of stormy weather.

The ship is regularly used by the company when its freight vessels undergo maintenance.

It will operate to and from the islands between 28 November to 15 December.

"We know how important Christmas and New Year are - not only for passengers, but also for our freight clients who are vital partners as we keep the islands connected and supplied," Condor boss John Napton said.

"This is a significant investment on the part of Condor but we're convinced it's the right thing to do, as Arrow increases our resilience during the uplift in seasonal demand."

The MV Arrow, which will reposition from Scotland to Portsmouth at the weekend, can carry 66 14m (46ft) trailers and accommodate 12 passengers.

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