Manx Care表示,諾貝爾醫院的緊急護理團隊已經捉襟見肘

Manx Care表示,諾貝爾醫院的緊急護理團隊已經捉襟見肘

Manx Care公司表示,在過去24小時內收治了一些重病患者後,諾貝爾醫院的緊急護理團隊 "捉襟見肘"。


一位發言人說,這將使工作人員能夠專注於 "最需要他們的病人"。


護理和管理執行主任保羅-摩爾鼓勵人們在尋求醫療保健時 "好好選擇",以幫助緩解緊急護理團隊的壓力。


他補充說,拉姆齊的輕症和受傷部門的團隊可以治療 "廣泛的疾病,包括骨折或扭傷"。


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Emergency care teams at Noble's Hospital are "stretched" after a number of seriously ill patients were admitted over the past 24 hours, Manx Care has said.

The health body has asked residents to consider only going to the emergency department if they need to.

A spokesman said that would allow staff to focus on "patients who need them most".

The health care body says it has started to implement plans in order to cope with demand "given the level of treatment that these individuals require", he added

Executive director of nursing and governance Paul Moore has encouraged people to "choose well" when seeking healthcare to help ease pressure on emergency care teams.

"Every day a number of patients are seen in the emergency department that could be treated by their GP or at a community pharmacy," Mr Moore said.

He added the team at the minor illnesses and injuries unit in Ramsey could treat "a broad range of conditions including breaks or sprains".

However, he said those in need of urgent or emergency treatment should still attend the island's main hospital.

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