馬恩島政府被告知要拿出一個計劃來 "積極主動地 "維護馬恩島的公共人行道和路權網絡。

在當地居民David Buttery提出請願後,Tynwald支持對人行道維護的調查,他強調了人行道網絡中質量較差的部分以及多個機構共同負責維護的事實。

Maltby女士說,問題的根本原因是基礎設施部(DOI)"未能履行其職責 "來維護該網絡。



Tynwald成員還投票支持Joney Faragher MHK的修正案,該修正案要求對與公眾使用有關的問題也進行審查。

基礎設施部長克里斯-托馬斯說,部長理事會支持這些建議,並承認資金削減加劇了這一問題,但強調將有 "嚴重的障礙需要克服"。

他說,已經成立了一個小組來調查新的維護戰略,部長們要求在小組中考慮到該島的 "當前財政狀況"。


The Manx government has been told to come up with a plan to "proactively" maintain the Isle of Man's network of public footpaths and rights of way.

Tynwald backed the investigation into footpath maintenance after a petition by local resident David Buttery, who highlighted poor quality parts of the network and the fact multiple agencies shared responsibility for its care.

Ms Maltby said the root cause of the problem was the Department of Infrastructure (DOI) "failing in its duty" to maintain the network.

In a previous evidence session, DOI representatives said they need double the existing maintenance budget of £360,000 to properly care for the paths.

The committee's recommendations tasked the government with setting up a working party to develop a maintenance strategy, while considering issues of funding, responsibility and the possible need to reform laws.

Tynwald members also voted to support an amendment by Joney Faragher MHK requiring issues to do with public access to also be looked at.

Infrastructure Minister Chris Thomas said the Council of Ministers supported the proposals and recognised funding cuts had exacerbated the issue, but stressed there would be "serious obstacles to overcome".

He said a group had already been established to investigate a new maintenance strategy and ministers had requested the "current fiscal position" of the island be taken into account within it.

Work on a separate committee call for his department to address a backlog of changes required to definitive rights of way maps was also underway, he added.