Armagh-Galway的爭吵:"一些簡單的事情可以阻止它" - 基蘭-麥金尼對醜陋的場面作出反應

Armagh-Galway的爭吵:"一些簡單的事情可以阻止它" - 基蘭-麥金尼對醜陋的場面作出反應

阿瑪的經理Kieran McGeeney說,他的球隊在全英四分之一決賽中被戈爾韋擊敗時的大規模爭吵 "絕對不應該發生"--但他說這是可以預防的。


圖片還顯示,戈爾韋前鋒Damien Comer似乎遭受了明顯的眼球擠壓。

  • 無 戈爾韋在點球大戰中擊敗阿瑪,凱里擊退梅奧




關於正常時間結束時的事件可能引起的進一步制裁問題,McGeeney說他不希望看到 "社交媒體的審判"。







Armagh manager Kieran McGeeney said the mass brawl in his side's gripping All-Ireland quarter-final defeat by Galway "definitely shouldn't have happened" - but said it could have been prevented.

It resulted in red cards for Armagh's Aidan Nugent and Galway's Sean Kelly, but more sanctions could follow.

Images also showed Galway forward Damien Comer appearing to suffer an apparent eye-gouge. • None Galway beat Armagh on penalties as Kerry see off Mayo

"It is not something you want to see and I suppose this year that is two of them we have been in," said McGeeney, who was referring to a mass brawl that the Orchard County were involved in against Tyrone in a league match in February after which four Reds Hands players and one from Armagh were dismissed.

"It is unfortunate. Those things shouldn't happen, they definitely shouldn't, but there are a few simple things we could do to stop it. We shouldn't be going in together at half-time."

McGeeney's side lost 4-1 on penalties to Galway at the end of a pulsating game which ended 3-18 to 2-21 after extra-time.

On the issue of what further sanctions might arise from the incident at the end of normal time, McGeeney said he does not want to see a "trial by social media".

"I know how it started but once it starts then it can get out of control," he continued.

"It is not a nice part and I wouldn't want to see it, but trial by social media is a very poor way to go.

"It showed the last time that if people had actually sat down and watched the video they might have got it right instead of listening to people."

Speaking in his post-match press conference, the former All-Ireland-winning captain then responded with questions of his own when asked if players should assume responsibility for their actions.

"What happens if somebody pushes you? Do you push back? What would you do? What would you do? I'm asking, it is a very simple question," he said.

"If somebody pushed you, would you push them back? It is a yes or a no. If you are not going to answer my questions, why should I answer yours?"